Pedicures and Pedi-Cares

Wanted a few good men and women

Pedi-Cares - $46.00
(I work with some podiatrists in the area and will refer to them as needed)

Pedicures - $46.00

I designed pedi-cares for those with medical conditions that prohibit the dexterity, strength and range of motion it takes to care for their feet. Some of those conditions may include having artificial hips or knees with a 90 degree limitation, not able to bend over due to vertigo, spinal disorders, etc., not having the strength to cut nails that may have thickened due to the aging process or due to trauma. Other reasons to benefit from this service can include but are not limited to poor sight, cracked and peeling skin on the feet and heels, poor circulation, foot care for diabetics (with Dr. permission), callus (caused by weight-bearing) and corn (caused by pressure) control.

This service is customized to each person. A pedicure may include a warm soak (sea salts, softeners) and possibly a fragrant scent for the ladies, filing the toe nails, cleaning the cuticle and margin areas, removing and filing any hardened skin on the feet, an exfoliation foot scrub and ending with a relaxing foot and leg massage.

Pedicures include a wonderfully soothing, warm soak (sea salts, softeners and a fragrant scent). Toenails are soaked for easier trimming. With cuticles softened, they are pushed back and the margins are cleaned out. Any calluses/corns are softened with callus/corn eliminator then the softened areas are gently removed. Any dead skin is exfoliated from the bottom and top of the feet. After all this, you receive a relaxing foot and leg massage. For our male clients, a powder is applied to dry between the toes. For our female clients, if preferred, a polish chosen from our wide range of professional colors is painted on the toes.

We love our clients to leave with their feet looking great but it is more important to leave with them feeling great.

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